How To Handle Skin Reactions Caused By Beauty Products

By Unknown - September 26, 2017

Contact dermatitis

Having allergic reactions on our skin and face is common, and although reactions are caused by a variety of agents, one common causative factor  today are constituents of some beauty products such as creams, lotions, and soaps. This is called allergic contact dermatitis and it occurs when a substance to which you're sensitive (allergen) triggers an immune reaction in your skin. It mostly affects only the area that came into contact with the allergen found in the beauty product.
Most times the effects are not serious, starting from mild itching to small red spots on the skin. But sometimes when it is serious, scaly areas, blisters, and a burning sensation develops.

What are some steps you can take to relieve allergic reactions on skin?

Do not scratch the rash in your skin!!
Scratching your skin when its itchy not only irritates it further, but it also makes it spread to other areas of the skin. So no matter how itchy it may get do not scratch. Do not even touch the affected part. If you repeatedly scratch a rash, you may cause it to become wet and oozing. This creates a good place for bacteria or fungi to grow and may cause an infection.

But if scratching is really tempting, you can wear gloves or mittens at home or you can clip your nails. The bottom line is; do anything that will prevent you from scratching the affected part.
wearing mittens can prevent you from inflaming your skin by scratching

Do not wear tight fitted clothes. Also do not indulge in activities that require touching others as this can irritate the skin even further. 

Avoid the irritant or allergen.
The key to this is identifying what's causing your rash and then staying away from it. Your doctor or healthcare professional may give you a list of products that typically contain the substance that affects you.
 Beauty products containing soap sodium laurel sulfate should be avoided because this chemical often irritates  the skin when there's an allergic reaction.
 If your skin starts reacting to an allergen from a beauty product,  press the affected part with cool water. Doing so up to 3 times a day helps reduce the itching and inflammation.

Use lotions and ointments available for purchase at supermarkets or pharmacies. Crotamiton, an antipruritic agent is a good option.

Gentle cleansers if available, can be used. I recommend using Dove and Aveno.

Aloe Vera can also be used. Applying it regularly makes the area heal faster.

Apple cider vinegar is a natural remedy.
It has but antifungal and antibacterial properties. Using a few drops every day can also help relieve itching.

 If self-care measures haven't worked, your doctor may prescribe a steroid cream like hydrocortisone 1%. Using hydrocortisone cream helps to relieve skin reactions caused by allergens.

Using oral medications. In severe cases, your doctor may prescribe oral corticosteroids to reduce inflammation, antihistamines to relieve itching or antibiotics to fight a bacterial infection.

When purchasing a beauty product, experts advice purchasing something with few constituents, because the fewer the constituents, the less likely you are to have an allergic reaction. Dermatologists also advice you run a patch test; which is rubbing the purchased beauty product on your elbow. Then after 2 to 3 days, if there are no allergic reactions like spots, itching and blisters, you can use the product purchased.

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